About the owners

oFirst time i was introduced 2 the American pit-bull i was 12 years old and i was going too a,feed store in east north port long island cause i was living in a emergency shelter at the salvation army with my mother and siblings under the tender living care of major dorthorty Sanders i would walk too this feed store all the time one day u met a man named rick the owner of the store called pit stop one day he brought me in the back and there i stood in front of me were about 20 game bred pit-bulls all in nice cleaned kennels rick told me in 1978 the historical blood lines of these dogs i got hired that day too water and feed these famous dogs dogs likes Hollings worth bull nigagino ch zebo .ect ....ive been a dog man ever since i want too thank rick at pit stop east north port 4 giving me the hand 2 hand handling experiences and i want 2 thank joey and his wife erema for selling me my first pit-bull ivory the all white black nose female and parish smith and tom j 4 giving me weapon..i know my way around this dog game soi put bull junkies together so you cam also have the knowledge i worked 4 all you have too is read it and follow my instructions you and you pit-bull/bully will do better then ok your be doung as good as me and my dogs always at there best they can be enjoy truly yours ...wolfgang word of mouth .....mania